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What is Gentle Release?

Why is Mother Nature’s Gentle Release better for you?

Gentle Release is the component in Mother Nature’s Everyday Essentials and Garden Fresh which allows your body to absorb more than 30% of the nutrients than other multi vitamins/supplements. Its unique slow release system allows only small amounts of the nutrients to be released at a time, over a 12 hour period, which is much easier and gentler on your digestive system. There is no stomach upset. Mother Nature vitamins and supplements are so gentle they can even be taken without food.

How does Gentle Release work?

Gentle Release is a nutrient delivery system which uses a proprietary blend of specially processed natural fibers. This delivery system controls the release of nutrients gently over time, as well as releasing the nutrients specifically to the small intestine, for a more effective absorption and an easier digestion. When this fiber-nutrient matrix contacts digestive fluids it forms a gel-like mass, which releases the nutrients gradually just like the fibers in nature’s own whole foods.

The gel-like mass creates a drag effect in the digestive system to slow its transit time. This allows the nutrients ample time to be released while still in the small intestine, which is extremely important for absorption into the body’s blood stream.

Duplicating the natural way of delivering nutrients through Whole Foods:

The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are encased in soft, gelatinous fibers. During digestion of these foods, these fibers hydrate to form a gelatinous matrix from which nutrients are slowly released, providing prolonged nutrient blood levels. The Gentle Release nutrient delivery system follows Nature’s blueprint for maximum nutrient absorption and assimilation.

Gentle Release assures optimum benefit by protecting the delicate nutrients that may be destroyed by digestive acids.


How is Gentle Release different than supplements with a typical delivery system or supplements with a timed release system?

Standard nutritional tablets and capsules are not specially formulated to release their ingredients in any programmed manner. There is no guarantee where or when the nutrients will release. Clinically tested Gentle Release technology gives precise sustained release. The nutrients are released slowly over up to a 12 hour period. This also helps people with sensitive stomachs. For this reason, Everyday Essentials with Gentle Release and Garden Fresh with Gentle Release is gentle enough to be taken without food, as is recommended with other vitamins and supplements.

“Time release” delivery systems in the majority of nutritional products is a tablet that has been heavily coated with an enteric (acid resistant) material that delay the release of the ingredients, not prolonging the release. Gentle Release sustained release is significantly different than delayed release; it is a constant prolonged release.


What is the bottom line?

Gentle Release is a unique delivery system made of natural fibers that mimics nature’s nutrient delivery system in Whole Foods. Gentle Release allows your body to absorb 30% more nutrients consistently over a longer period of time, making it gentle on your digestive system as well.