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About Mother Nature Healthy Living:

Better Nutritionals, and a goal to live a happier and healthier life

Cynthia Feuer

President, Mother Nature Healthy Living: My Story

My philosophy for Mother Nature Healthy Living stems from how my family and I try to live our everyday lives. I look for order and balance in all things. I want to live by example for my children, with good values, eating well, staying physically active, getting enough sleep, as well as developing our minds.

Family comes first, and sometimes taking care of myself took a back seat, which is not an example I wanted for my children. We have to take care of ourselves if we also want to take care of others. Juggling and balancing can be very challenging at times, and the need for simple easy solutions became imperative. I would feel bad if I was cutting corners with not always preparing three balanced meals. This is where multivitamins and supplements entered into my solution.

Where multivitamins and supplements are not the ideal as replacing healthy meals, they definitely filled in the nutrition gaps for me and my family. This gave me peace of mind knowing that our energy levels, immune systems, and general health were not being compromised for the times when our busy, full lifestyle got in the way of eating the perfect three meals every day of the week.

In researching what the best vitamins and supplements there are, I realized there was a lot of information out there and a lot of talk about things like “absorption” and “synthetic vs. natural”. It can get very overwhelming reading about all this stuff! The bottom line is I just wanted to find a better solution for taking quality vitamins, that was convenient, (because if it isn’t convenient my family won’t take them), effective in their potency and absorption (otherwise what is the point in paying for it?), and it won’t give me a stomach ache when I take it (my side of the family has digestive issues which I unfortunately share).

I decided I wanted to create the best supplements with a delivery system that would allow for the best absorption possible, while not upsetting my stomach. However, I didn’t want to be like my grandmother who takes 50 vitamins throughout the day. It needed to be simple, easy, but effective.

Simple solutions help us create balance in our lives, and let us get back to what is really important: living happier, healthier lives and spending quality family time!